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Welcome to JK Ambulance Services

Brief About Us

On behalf of the JK Ambulance Services, we welcome your visit to our website. JK was best to provide quality pre-hospital emergency medical services for the people of the Bangalore and India which is in line with the nation’s healthcare objectives. Working with both the government and private sectors, JK Ambulance delivers quality emergency care consistent with international standards by utilising modern technology and evidence-based practices to meet its core objectives of saving lives and serving communities.

Supported by a fully integrated Ambulance Communications Centre and utilising an advanced fleet of vehicles, JK Ambulance provides a variety of public and private emergency medical services .

JK Ambulance is also a key partner in national emergency (During COVID times) and in any mass casualty disasters and crisis working with other emergency service providers across the country under the leadership of the Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority.

JK Ambulance’s specialised teams provide different levels of emergency pre-hospital care through contracted or stand-alone services for a wide range of emergency-related requirements from basic to advanced emergency medical services (EMS), emergency medical coverage at private and public events, non-emergency patient transport, emergency medical services and ongoing onsite medical support.

At JK Ambulance, operational capability and service management and delivery are enhanced and supported by experienced professionals in Clinical Services, Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, Education, Fleet and Supply Chain. This integrated team approach enables JK Ambulance to deliver an effective and efficient response at all times and in all situations.

Through clinical governance, JK Ambulance ensures compliance with local regulations and maintaining international standards so that patients receive the best possible care. Excellence at JK Ambulance has been recognised .

Strongly committed to our patients 

JK Ambulance is strongly committed to patients and has adopted a Patient Charter setting out their rights and responsibilities when interacting with us.

Patient Rights

As a patient, you have the right to:

  • 1.Be treated to the highest professional, quality and safe standards by appropriately licensed, qualified and experienced practitioners in a properly licensed facility (Ambulance)
  • 2.Be treated with dignity and respect, consistent with professional standards regardless of race, sex, nationality, religion, culture, disability or any other factor
  • 3.Receive care that is considerate, respectful of your personal values and beliefs
  • 4.Receive information from JK Ambulance staff regarding the receiving healthcare facility environment and practices

Adhering to the highest standards of Quality, health, safety and environment  (QHSE)

At JK Ambulance, we are committed to delivering our services by adhering to the highest standards of quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) in each and every one of our activities. In every aspect of our business we put health and safety first and aim to carry our operations with minimal impact on the environment. We also recognise the importance of establishing a culture of continual improvement that leads to enhanced efficiency levels and reduced risk amongst our employees, patients and customers. All this is achieved through our robust QHSE system, which is put at the heart of our business focus and is integrated across all our processes and procedures, paving the way to business excellence and raising customer and employee satisfaction. The system ensures our day-to-day operations are in compliance with all applicable industry.

Patient Responsibilities:

Follow the rules and regulations of the treating facility

1.Show respect and courtesy to JK Ambulance staff

2.Be considerate to others and not use abusive language and/or display unsocial behaviour to other patients or. JK Ambulance staff

3.Ask any questions if you are not clear about any aspect of healthcare offered or being provided 

4.Use the emergency services only for very urgent cases that cannot be dealt with by other healthcare facilities 

5.Give accurate information about personal details, medical history or medication you are currently taking and history of allergies including medication allergic reaction(s)

6.Take responsibility for your own decisions and actions and sign a declaration form if you choose to refuse treatment or not to follow any medical advice, instructions, treatment plan or recommendations 

7.Safeguard your own belongings whilst you are receiving any treatment

8.Be accountable for payment of any deductible or medical services excluded from your insurance policy

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